Request an Appointment

Terms & Conditions: In Office Visit - A $25 deposit is needed in order to secure your appointment. This amount will be credited towards the cost of services rendered once your visit is completed. In the event you cancel your appointment within 24hrs or less, the $25 deposit will become a nonrefundable charge. Additionally, should we receive no appointment cancellation notification at all, a $50 nonrefundable no call/no show fee will be assessed.

Mobile Visit - The above "In Office Visit" terms & conditions apply, in addition to the following: Should we receive two consecutive - 24hrs or less - mobile appointment cancellations from you, the mobile visit will no longer be an option for a duration of two weeks; during this time, only an in office visit will be available. Prior and during the course of the visit, which should take no more than 10 minutes, we ask that any pets be secured and put away. Also the area where the draw is to occur should be cleaned and sanitized prior to our arrival. For maximum efficiency, please ensure that you block off this time on your calendar, have your phone's ringer on as we will give you a courtesy call upon arrival, and be ready to proceed once our phlebotomist is on site.
Our staff will contact you within 10-15 minutes to confirm your appointment request.