About Us

Lab Team Assistants was founded by Lisa Wylie who also serves as the organization’s Laboratory Director. The company was initially established for the sole purpose of mobile phlebotomy services to meet the growing needs of busy individuals and families for convenience, privacy, and comfort however it has eventually expanded into becoming CLIA approved and thus being able to cover a wider scope of services. Our commitment to providing extraordinary care to our patients while facilitating a world-class customer experience has never wavered, being exemplified each and every day through our core values:

·         Service the customer above all else with unequivocal excellence.

·         Understand the value of reputation through honesty & integrity, always doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

·         Maintain accountability by exhibiting professionalism and acting ethically, no excuses.

·         Be committed, working towards individual and corporate goals until the task is successfully completed.

·         Continually strive for perfection through active listening, an inquisitive mind open to learning, fostering a growth-oriented environment where challenges are perceived as opportunities.