About Us

Lab Team Assistants is a company that provides phlebotomy services, along with many more. We travel to homes, offices, and work spaces of clients to collect their blood samples. The company’s services are provided at various locations and time, and the bloods drawn from patients are immediately taken to the laboratory for meticulous testing. Lab Team Assistants was founded by Lisa Wylie, who is a CLIA approved and Laboratory Director. The company was initially established for the sole purpose of mobile phlebotomy services, but has eventually developed to becoming CLIA approved and covering a wider scope of services. Our commitment is to provide patients with services that give them the care and convenience they deserve. The founder has always loved collecting blood samples, and Lab Team Assistants solves the problem of waiting several hours to get this done.

Our companies also solves the problem of painful blood sample collection and lack of privacy, for we have great communication skills, empathy, and understanding of how to educate and calm our patients.