Lisa Wylie- Laboratory Director
Phlebotomist specialist, Lisa Wylie, has been in the healthcare field for over two decades and has amassed a wealth of experience. Her milestones as a laboratory expert include but are not limited to owning a Mobile Phlebotomy and Patient Service Center and getting licensed by CLIA to perform waived laboratory testing. With the comfort and convenience of her clients at the core of her mind, she brings her top-notch laboratory experience to the homes/location of her clients.

To Lisa, phlebotomy is a very important part of healthcare, and a deep-rooted desire to render to the laboratory its due credit was the start of her writing career. Basking in her passion for kids, her books are designed to educate them about blood and the laboratory.

Books Written:

  • Timmy & Super-Kid Blood Draw Adventure
  • Today I’m Having A Blood Draw
  • The Journey A Guide to Starting A Phlebotomy Training Business
  • Timmy & Super-Kid Talks About Blood Donation
  • Timmy & The Laboratory Heroes
  • Timmy & Super-Kid’s Blood Cell Adventure
  • Timmy & Super-Kid Quarantine

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