Contract Terms & Conditions

Lab Team Assistants need the client information within 48 hours before schedule appointment time the information includes: copy of Dr. order, insurance card (front/back) to be submitted to laboratory. If this information is not received within the 48 hour we will cancel the appointment. We need time to prepare the needed supplies to perform our services.

Lab Team Assistants (LTA) is responsible for the drawing and handling of laboratory specimens. LTA does not collect any specimens without a physician order. Lab Team Assistants is not permitted to give any medical advice, treat, or diagnose anyone.

Lab Team Assistant handles the delivery of all samples to their proper laboratory. If the specimen has special handling we will package all specimens for pick-up via courier at the clients home/office etc. Under NO circumstances will a client be given a sample to handle. Lab Team Assistants is not responsible for any delay of arrival to the laboratory, due to weather conditions or any other problems that may occur once the sample has been delivered or picked up by courier service. Laboratory where specimen is taking to is responsible for test on specimen we understand that if you need to be redrawn do to no fault of LTA we will gladly recollect at a discounted rate.

Lab Team Assistants is not responsible for any errors that may occur at the laboratory. Any errors in collection caused by Lab Team Assistants will be corrected by re-drawing at no additional charge to the client. Lab Team Assistants will make every effort to contact the client(s)prior to schedule appointment. Lab Team Assistant will not come to no client home without a scheduled and confirmed date, time, complete paperwork, and payment. If we arrive at the appointment for the labs to be collected, blood drawn, pick-up, and are unable to collect specimen due to circumstances that are beyond our control (client refuses, is not available to be drawn, etc.) The client is still responsible for the full charges of the services. If error is caused during collection by Lab Team Assistants (drawing wrong tubes, unable to collect enough specimen because of blood flow, etc.) the client will not incur any charges and will be drawn at no additional fee to the client.

*Please give 24hr notice if unable to keep appointment

In the event Lab Team Assistant needs to cancel due to weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control we will give notice. If this happens we will reschedule you as soon as possible. Please be understanding.

Cancellations can be done by phone or email.

Lab Team Assistants does not bill insurance companies any claims must be submitted by client. Lab Team Assistants is an independent phlebotomy/lab service. Lab Team Assistants does not have any ties to any laboratories or doctor’s offices. Under no circumstance will LTA share any client information personal or other to any non- authorized personnel. All client information is always kept confidential. We are fully HIPPA compliant and respect the privacy of the individuals we serve.

Any questions about billing of test should be directed to your insurance company or laboratory billing department. Some laboratories have the right to refuse clients with outstanding balances. Lab Team Assistants do not give discounts for lab test.

Clients with children:

We need your cooperation this usually goes well when the parent(s) do their part. It’s teamwork.

Communicate beforehand with your child, keep well hydrated unless specifically instructed by doctor not to. Reassure that the process will be quick, and you can also practice 3 second breathing techniques. You can also use distractions and practice sitting still if appropriate. We will attempt to make sure we get specimen on the first- time, However, this may sometimes not be the case and it may take 3 times, please be understanding. This is normal at times when dealing with smaller veins. We understand that this can cause great stress for you and your child but please understand how stressful it can be to the phlebotomist if we don’t have your cooperation/understanding. 

Safety is our number one concern. Please let us know ahead of time if child becomes easily aggressive, or is difficult to collect a sample on, if it takes more than one person to hold, this is very important as we can make arrangements to have a successful and safe blood draw.